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The Pretrial Services Agency for the Eastern District of New York is dedicated to professionalism and excellence in our service to the courts. Through the efficient use of resources, creation of a positive environment, and diligent oversight of defendants, our agency meets the needs of the court and community by meeting statutory requirements to ensure the fair administration of justice. 

In the spirit of community partnership our office has developed an Internship Program for undergraduate, graduate, and law school students to gain foundational exposure and training. Students are provided the opportunity to integrate classroom education and theory with practical and relevant “real-life” experience. We are committed to providing an interactive program where participants will be involved in all aspects of the agency and are expected to develop a concrete understanding of the Federal Judiciary, Criminal Justice System, and the role of Pretrial Services. Under the supervision of a Pretrial Services Officer, students will be exposed to defendants and the corresponding court process from the time of arrest to the time of incarceration or dismissal.  Experiences may include, but may not be limited to: observation of interviews, court hearings, enforcement of bond conditions, supervision meetings, field observations (therapeutic settings), violations and remediation, and routine office work.


Goals and Objectives

The Eastern District of New York has established the following goals and objectives as the focal point to our internship program:

  1. Expose participants to the federal criminal justice process and dynamics of the related components.  From the time of arrest to post-conviction relief, an intern will gain exposure to law enforcement agencies, United States Criminal Code, prosecutors, defense counsel, legal charging documents, the federal judiciary, and other agencies with the common goal of balancing the scales of justice.
  2. Educate interns on applicable laws, mandates, and protocols as they relate to the Pretrial Services Office and the United States District Courts.  Participants will be expected to learn and be familiar with Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, United States Criminal Code, Judiciary Policy, various acts and statues, and their application to legal principles.
  3. Inform students about the role of the Pretrial Services Office and the interconnectivity between our Agency and Judicial Officers, the United States Attorney’s Office, Defense Counsel, and various related organizations. Interns will interact with various professionals who are the primary participants in the criminal justice system.
  4. Train ethical and professional practices, Code of Conduct for Judicial Employees, and Charter for Excellence. Participants will be expected to acquire an understanding of and uphold the tenets of the Code of Conduct for Judicial Employees as well as general ethical guidelines, respect of confidentiality, and integrity.  These principles guide the practices and conduct of judicial employees both inside and outside of the Courtroom.
  5. Acquire hands-on experience. Under the supervision of an Officer, the intern will expand his or her personal knowledge of the techniques, practices, and tools.  With exposure to and observation of interactions the intern will gain an understanding of investigative techniques, case management practices, and the supervision of pretrial defendants.

While the student will gain in situ experience, Pretrial Services also expects to gain insight into how to better enhance our internship program as it continually evolves to meet the needs of students.  Students will be expected to develop themselves professionally and dedicate their time and efforts concertedly to assist the agency.  Pretrial Services will be expected to provide an atmosphere that fosters growth and promotes education, learning, and experience. At the conclusion of the internship, participants will have had the opportunity to hone essential life skills in observation, interviewing, writing, analytical thinking, objective assessment, decision making, and interpersonal skills. Pretrial Services will have had the opportunity to assist students in their endeavors and have additional manpower to aid in our service delivery. This partnership is expected to be mutually beneficial and symbiotic; it can only succeed with the success of both the intern and the agency.


How to Apply

The applicant shall submit their application along with a resume, letter of interest, and official or unofficial transcript(s) to the Intern Coordinator via electronic means at INTERNPROGRAM@NYEPT.USCOURTS.GOV, posting, fax, or mail.  Applicants selected for possible placement will be interviewed. Applicants must not have a criminal history as a background search will be conducted prior to acceptance.  A finding of any criminal history, warrant, or criminal association shall be cause for rejection of an application.  The Chief Pretrial Services Officer shall decide whether to proceed with a particular application and what limitation, if any, to impose upon the applicant.

Apply By December 31 April 30 July 31
Start 3rd Week of January 1st Week of June 2nd Week of September
End 4th Week of April 2nd Week of August 1st Week of December


Intern Coordinator Contact Information

Brooklyn Intern Coordinators  
U.S. Pretrial Services Officer: Bianca Carter
Administrative Specialist: Thalia Carrera
U.S. Pretrial Service Office
225 Cadman Plaza East, Room 219
South Wing, Brooklyn, New York 11201
(718) 613-2570 Tel
(718) 613-2568 Fax

Central Islip Intern Coordinators
U.S. Pretrial Services Officers: Joseph Elie and Amanda Sanchez
U.S. Pretrial Services Office
200 Federal Plaza
Room 200, West Wing
Central Islip, New York, 11722
(631) 712-6400 Tel
(613) 712-6415 Fax